WHITE MUSC - Scented Candle

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The refinement of El Nabil scented candles is incomparable: in a luxurious crystal container is housed our delicately scented 100% natural soy wax.
Our perfume is made in the south of France, in Grasse, the international capital of perfume, to guarantee you the best possible quality.
This massive 400 gram scented candle will give you over 50 hours of burn time and will diffuse a subtle and delicate scent throughout your living space.
With its sublime and elegant box, this scented candle will also be a beautiful "decorative" accessory.

In this composition, the musks give off soft and comforting scents.
Subtly decorated with a solar flower and a sweet vanilla, White Musc will create a pure and enveloping atmosphere.

Total weight: 1,200gr

Musky, vanilla, ylang-ylang.

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